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Special materials for automobile supporting line

Special materials for automobile supporting line

Black weather-resistant polyethylene aerial cable insulation

Grade: NGJ-1

product description

The NGJ-1 produced by our company is a polyethylene aerial insulation material with excellent weather resistance. It has excellent toughness, weather resistance, and excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking. At the same time, it has good electrical properties.

NGJ-1 is suitable for overhead cables of 10Kv and below, and places with high requirements on abrasion resistance.

Standard specification

NGJ-1 sheath material complies with GB / T15065-2009 specifications.

Storage and transportation

The NGJ-1 produced by our company adopts double-layer packaging, the inner layer is a plastic film bag, and the outer layer is a coated film woven bag. Each bag is 25KG, which has a good dustproof and moistureproof effect. Containers or special trucks should be used for transportation, and there should be rain protection measures.
The overhead materials should be stored in a clean and dry warehouse, away from fire sources. After long-term storage, they should be dried before use.

Processing technology

NGJ-1 is best extruded on a plastic extruder with an aspect ratio (LD) of 20 and above. The surface of the extrusion sheath is smooth and dense, and the extrusion speed is completely suitable for the requirements of the cable manufacturing process. , It is best to pre-dry before use, the maximum drying temperature: 100 ℃; overhead melt temperature: 230-250 ℃.

Suggested temperatures at each point of the extruder:


Machine head

Temperature (℃)









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